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pink jello

.name. - Chelle
.age. - Sixteen
.birthday. - March 4th, 1988
.sex. - Female
.location. - Katy, Texas
.status. - Taken By Josh. <3
.5 words describing you. - I'm an asshole... no, Really. I'm sarcastic, rude, complicated and I cuss far too much... I'm only truely nice to the few people who actually get to know me. :D
.things you like. - Peircings, Being Loud, Sex, Striped Socks, Pink, Black, Singing, Dancing, Tattoos, Lip peircings, Eyes, Spikes, Aggressiveness, Sexual, Smelling Good, Lips, Long Conversations, I consider music to be my main passion. I've loved singing ever since I can remember. I have been involved in many school musicals and choirs. I don't always feel like I'm a good singer, but my friends say I am, and even if I wasn't I still would never stop.
.things you hate. - I hate messages along the lines of "It's a shame you're not single." It's like, why is it a shame? It's not as if it's going to up your chances. This is the internet for Christ's sake. And no, I'm not lonely. My joystick is not my best friend, I won't join you and your girlfriend for a threesome and I don't participate in any form of cybersex. So don't ask, assholes. --- I fucking hate People who ask "Can I ask you a question?". Didn't really give me much of a choice there, did you love? --- I hate McDonalds staff who pretend they don't understand you if you don't insert the 'Mc' before the item you're ordering.....It has to be a McChicken Sandwich, because just a Chicken Sandwich gets blank looks. Well I'll have a McStraw and jam it in your McEyes you ******* McTosser. --- I hate idiots that ask you for the time when you quite blatantly aren't wearing a watch, the next person to do this to me WILL be pimp slapped. --- I hate people who are willing/retarded enough to get off their arse to search the entire room for the TV remote, purely because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the channel manually.
.make us laugh, tell us an embarrassing story. - One night a group of friends asked me to go clubbing, i didnt have work the next day so i accepted. Well we arrive at the club and i of course go venture off on my own, looking for a guy to bring home. After a while i find a guy and we really hit it off. Then we decided that we wanted to go back to my place and have a little fun. So i tell my friends, they understand. So we're off! Well we get to my house and we're getting a little hot and heavy on the bed. Well i have a few piercings down there, one of them having a chain, usually i take it out but it was going so great i didnt think about it. That is until his tongue ring got caught in the chain! So we both tried to untangle it, but it was stuck pretty good, and we had no luck. So i had no choice but to call one of my friends. She was busy with her sister so she told me she would call another friend of ours... Well, about 10 minutes later we hear the front door open and im just thinking "thank god!". Then here comes my friend Tommy prancing in my room. "Oh my fucking god how did this happen?!" Needless to say my friend didnt tell him what he was coming over to help me with, and the guy i was with was not really expecting a guy to come and help him get his face out of my goods... Well finally we get the damn thing un-tangled. By the next day, Tommy had told everyone what had happend. It was horrid. (for the record, This isnt me. I found this somewhere.)
.how did you find this community?. - Friends Profile
.what accepted banner do you want? check out the banners page and tell us the #. - Not Sure About The #, But The Pam One Please :)

.color. - Pink :D &black
.show. - Daria, Degrassi, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Niptuck
.actress. - Sarah Michelle Gellar,
.actor. - Jake Gyllenhaal, Ashton Kutcher, Shane West
.movies. - Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Napoleon Dynamite, Thirteen, The Butterfly Effect,
.bands. - Breaking Benjamin, 3 Days Grace, A Perfect Circle, Blink 182, Mest, Riddlin' Kids, American Hi-fi, Hot Action Cop, The Used, Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New.
.songs. - Breaking Benjamin - Breakdown, Blink 182 - Easy Target, American Hi-fi - Another Perfect Day, Hot Action Cop - Fever For The Flava, Yellowcard - Only One
.outfit. - I love Corsets. So somewhere along the lines of This & This
.stores/places to shop. - Pacific Sunwear, Hollister, Fast Forward, Loser Kids, Hot Topic
.personality trait of yourself. - Im very picky about my clothes.

.write a short poem about anything you want(if you want). -
I can't promise I'd be a superman,
But for you I'd try to fly,
Wear some tights and run as fast as I can,
I can't promise I'd be a superman,
I'm not that bullet proof and no heat vision
But I'll do what I can,
Iif you really want a superman.
.what are your bad habits?. - Biting My Nails, Cussing Far Too Much.
.give a detailed description of what you look for in a bf or gf. - He has to be able to make me laugh. Sweet. Loving. Good Personality. Outgoing.
.if you could spend the day with one famous person (dead or alive), who would it be?. - Carmen Electra. Yum. ;D

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.have at least 3 pictures of yourself (you can have as many as you want). and have one picture 200x200 in case your accepted.

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