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Jessica Ann ♥
Age: 15 yo
Sex: Female
Status: newly single. i hate it.
Location: Gilbert, Arizona

A couple things you like: mitch/eyeliner/mac eyeshadow/piercings/tattoos/guys/my amazing friends/the computer is my life
Dislike: mitch/snoby people/people who try to control me and tell me what to do/bugs/sandals/running out of eyeliner
Tell us an embarrassing story: hmph well when i was in 6th grade we were playing kickball and like when the ball came towards me i tried to kick it and my foot hit the top of it so i slid on the ball and fell on my ass. everyone lauhed. even the coach. at that time i was really insecure so i t was horrible for me. ((sorry i dont have anything better)
How did you find mybuttisyummie?: i used to be in the community. under xcande_kissesx

FAVORITES (you may put more than one)
Show: Everwood
Movies: Almost Famous/Breakfast Club/Detroit Rock City/Crazy-Beautiful
Music: omg i have so many. lets go with tbs and alky trio. ill list more later.
Outfit(a pic would be nice, but doesn't matter): black and blue/teal volcom stone shirt. my dark blue low rise american eagle jeans. my matching blue ish underwear that tend to stick out alot so they must match (no im not a slut, sorry) and my black and white vans

Person and why: i dont have one. i've lost trust in everyone. well. i lied. greg. is my favorite. he always makes me smile. no matter what is wrong<3

What famous person are you dying to meet?(dead or alive)
conor oberst.
What is your most shopped at store? uhh this one is hard. i'll go with.. industrial? no no, american eagle. or pac sun. zumies? yes. gah such a hard decision.

And we check:


Have at least 2. More will give you a better chance of being accepted.
oh yes one more thing... please say which one you want in the members page in case accepted.

are those good?
i have big eyes :( ew.
sorry to hurt yours.

IF i get accepted.. uhm either 1 or 3 you pick :)
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