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♥ Pink Jello ♥

INTRO </b>
Name: Emma Jeanette Wilson </b>
Age: 15..16 on August 1st
Sex: Female
Status: single..
Location: Southern VA
Have a myspace? yes..www.myspace.com/missemmajeanette
Pets? pic would be nice<3 sorry..no pics..two mini dachsunds[weiner dogs to us in the south] both are red..Toby, 7 month old male,and Kasey, 3 year old female

A couple things you like: chuck taylors, PINK!!, music, friends, cheerleading, dancing, tumbling, guys
Dislike: frogs, seafood, guys[at time ♥] rules, homework
Tell us an embarrassing story: I had 7 guys, and 4 girls over to swim at night..and I had a strapless baithing suit on..We all were having a diving contest, I forgot and dove right on in..well, when I came back up out of the water..my top didn't come with me..one of my guys friends, Derek, asked aloud "Emma~nice rack..can I have your number?" ..
How did you find hottpiink?: I was bored..and I searched "lightning" on LJ..I found an amazing site all about my afve color!

FAVORITES (you may put more than one)
Color: hott pink, bright blue, neon green and orange

Show: Chapelle's Show, Mad TV, SNL, F-List, Oven Fresh
Movies: Pearl Harbor, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, STAR WARS [yes, I'm a fan], Fast and the Furious[both of them]
Music: Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Killers, 50 Cent, John Cena, Lil Jon, Eminem
Outfit(a pic would be nice, but doesn't matter): no pic of this outfit, but a white/light turquoise striped polo from Hollister and a light green cutoff skirt from A&E, with pink/kelly-green Lacoste flip flops
Person and why: my biological mom..she must've had a hard time to have had me at 16..

What famous person are you dying to meet?(dead or alive) Jim Morrison or Lance Armstrong

What is your most shopped at store? A&E, Hollister

And we check: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=3redroses4u

Have at least 2. More will give you a better chance of being accepted.
oh yes one more thing... please say which one you want in the members page in case accepted. these are from my myspace[here's the link http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=14299299&friendName=%26hearts%3b+Miss+Em+%26hearts%3b&Mytoken=20050717190543 ..but it's the best I can do.sorry
at homecoming this year .. my best friend Caitie Elizabeth Anderson!![her on the right]in her sweet car
me at another homecoming[my mom was in the pic..I didn't wanna post her pic on here] That's all I have right now..

♥ Thank y'all for considering it! ♥
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