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aRe YoU tO PuRe tO bE PiNk?

only the true pinks make it in<3

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Welcome to hottpiink: the ORIGINAL hottpiink community.
This is a rating community and is open again to new members♥
hottpiink's birthday: July 12, 2004!


Anita made this community for everyone who loves the color pink. This is also a rating community so its for anyone who has an amazing personality and look.

©2004-2005 hottpiink. All rights reserved. All pictures, text, and data are owned by their respective owners. This includes stealing pictures posted and using them as if they were you. This is a violation of both the LJ TOS and the law.



picture/contest theme archive

rules to follow would be:

1. LJ-CUT is a must just like any other rating community. Pictures simply take up too much room.
2. If you are accepted, like stated up top, you may be kicked out for immature behavior.
3. If you can't take rejection, don't apply. The yummie members are expected to be honest.
4. If you get bad comments, JUST GET OVER IT.
5. Don't delete votes because memebers will make sure everyone knows that you have deleted a vote.
6. Don't bitch if you get rejected.
7. Two pictures are the minimum amount of pics to post. But more would be better.
8. Make sure you title your entry pink jello.
9. Keep in mind your applying to a rating community where you'll be judged on pics and personality.
10. You will be accepted in one day or more depending on when you get enough votes.
11. GOOD LUCK. -oh yes don't forget to promote and give us the link.


Accepted members:
1. First of all, Congrats!
2. Stay active.
3. As stated above, you can be kicked out if you are acting immature.
4. Post pictures, rate people, say whatever you want, post anything that you think should be part of the community.
5. Don't post about the happenings of your everyday life, thats what your personal journal is for.
7. There will be contests so participate. You don't really have to but it would show your an active member.
8. If you leave, you'll be taken off the accepted member list and if you come back you'd have to re-apply.
9. If your vote gets deleted by an applicant, please post an entry saying that they did so. Thank you.

The Rejected:
1. Your gross.
2. Leave and thanks for trying.
3. You can't re-apply because chances are your still the same person and chances are our votes will be the same.
4. Or if you like being humiliated, you may re-apply.
Love, hottpiink.

If you wish to be sisters with hottpiink,
then you must comment on that page. Thank you.

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this community is rated:

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