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.name. Debbie
.age. 15
.birthday. June 22
.sex. female
.location. Mass.
.status. single 'n lovin it
.5 words describing you. funny, hard-working, caring, pretty tall, outgoing
.things you like. being with friends, laughing, being lazy, shopping, christmas, coffee, boys
.things you hate. liars, fake people, people who try to hard
.make us laugh, tell us an embarrassing story. one time at funway cafe my friend and i were racing through the race-car moonwalk and i was dying and running out of breathe so i came sprinting out tripped, went flying, and scarred my head for the last week of school :x
.how did you find this community?. just browzing around livejournal
.what accepted banner do you want? check out the banners page and tell us the #.i didnt see the numbers but the link was <img src="">
.color. pink
.show. of all time: full house; currently; anything real world, road rules
.actress. reese witherspoon, britany murphy
.actor. adam sandler
.movies. selena
.bands. ooh to many. i like all kinds of music!!
.songs. of all time: ice ice baby :x currently: mase- breathe, stretch, shake (but that changes all the time)
.outfit. jeans and a blouse
.stores/places to shop. american eagle
.personality trait of yourself. funny

.write a short poem about anything you want(if you want). i really dont want to because im so bad at writing. sorry
.what are your bad habits?. i can be quite the little complainer (not always)
.give a detailed description of what you look for in a bf or gf. sense of humor, somewhat physically attractive, kindness
.if you could spend the day with one famous person (dead or alive), who would it be?. wow, this is hard but i am a huuuuuge fan of lucille ball so im going with her!

*promote us in a community thats active
.link to where you promoted.

.have at least 3 pictures of yourself (you can have as many as you want). and have one picture 200x200 in case your accepted.

sorry but i couldnt get them pasted here but i posted some here: my pics


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