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Name: Lindsey
Age: 15
Sex: female
Status: single
Location: florida
Have a myspace? no
Pets? pic would be nice<3 none

A couple things you like: definately shopping, hot guys, hanging out with my friends, going on vacation, computer, tv, and lots more..
Dislike: spiders, bugs, being alone, the dark, school, bratty girls.
Tell us an embarrassing story:well it was by birthday a couple years ago and i had some friends over and some of my family came over too.  i was about to open some of my presents and my mom pressed a button on out channel changer and all of a sudden i look behind me and right there is my bare naked little mom put on the video of my first bath! ahhh it was sooo embarrassing!!
How did you find hottpiink?: i saw it in someones userinfo.

FAVORITES (you may put more than one)
Color: pink, purple, and green
Show:One tree hill, the oc, any reality shows, Laguna beach, the real world
Movies: The Notebook, Disney movies :P, the wedding planner
Music: Dashboard confessional, michelle branch, and some country
Outfit(a pic would be nice, but doesn't matter): uhh moslty anything consisting of jeans and a tank top
Person and why: my favorite person would have to be my firend lauren or my mom because im so close to them and i love them soo much <33
What famous person are you dying to meet?(dead or alive) Chad Micheal Murray :D
What is your most shopped at store? Abercrombie and Hollister
And we check:

Have at least 2. More will give you a better chance of being accepted.
oh yes one more thing... please say which one you want in the members page in case accepted.

this one as my user pic :D

thats me on the right 8]

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your accepted. sorry for not being here to accept people! ive been away! youll be on the member page ASAP!