Tori (tear_my_dreams) wrote in hottpiink,

pink jello

Victoria, Tori for short.
Age: 15, turning 16 in 2 weeks
Sex: Female
Status: Single
Location: Woburn, Mass.
Have a myspace? Yehp.
Pets? pic would be nice<3 My sister has a hampster thingy, he's amazing

A couple things you like: Friends, Cheering, Gymnastics, Softball, Music, Dancing, Fun.
Dislike: Body Image, Being Tired, When My Ankle/Wrists Hurt, This Boy, People who hate me for no reason.
Tell us an embarrassing story: okay, well - when i was just a little freshman in highschool, i decided to go to a football game, and i wore heals. Big mistake, i was walking down the bleachers during halftime, and fell, all the way down, and like all of Woburn high was in the bleachers, and saw me. And it was the first home game of the season, so everybody was there.
How did you find hottpiink?: i have no idea, i was browsing

FAVORITES (you may put more than one)
Pink, obv.
Show: Laguna Beach / Real world
Movies: The Notebook, Sweetest Thing
Music: Fall Out Boy, Saves The Day, Senses Fail, Simple Plan
Outfit(a pic would be nice, but doesn't matter): AE Jeans, brown tank, purple low cut shirt over, brown sandals, purple coach purse, cute accessories. No picture, sorry.
Person and why: Laura, one of my best friends - i can talk to her about anything, and i mean anything and she won't judge me for it

What famous person are you dying to meet?(dead or alive)
well i want to meet everybody from laguna beach, if that counts =)
What is your most shopped at store? American Eagle

And we check:
Have at least 2. More will give you a better chance of being accepted.
oh yes one more thing... please say which one you want in the members page in case accepted.

<-member page if accepted

(( surprised face, if you wanted to know ))

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+cute hamster and your very pretty
+embarresing story lol
hell ya
pretty pretty!